Sunday, 16 February 2014

Trend: Yellow

Okay so for some reason at the moment, I’m obsessed with the colour yellow. Most of my clothes tend be black or another dark colour, but when I’ve been shopping recently I’ve been so attracted to yellow! I am pretty colour shy normally, with the only type of colour being either on my nails or lips. I have really been trying to brighten up my wardrobe by adding colours, and even bought the brightest pink shirt the other week. I debated for a while after whether it was too bright but my friends reassured me it was fine and now I love it!

Anyway I saw a yellow oversized top from River Island last time I went shopping (see picture above) and decided, after asking every single person I could whether a yellow top is a bit strange, to buy it. So far it’s just been sat in my wardrobe as I haven’t quite decided where to wear it yet. I thought this type of casual top will go with jeans and will be quite easy to add to my everyday wardrobe without being too bold.

I am currently in the hunt for the perfect Yellow bag. Accessories are probably the easiest way to brighten up an outfit. PS. I like structure in my bag. I have no time for slouchy bags, too much messing around and loosing things!

Catwalk- John Galliano
Top- River Island £25

Heels- ASOS £42
Dress- Zara £45.99
Bag- River Island £28
Jacket- Miss Selfridge £45

John Galliano S/S 2014 Collection 

I just want to add about how much I love John Galliano’s S/S 2014 collection! Everything from the shapes of the clothes to the detailing are so unique and interesting. Yellow, Pink and Orange are the main colours for this collection and reminds me of something Barbie would wear, if I’m honest. I am pretty obsessed with those shoes as well.. Even if they are a little strange!

Barbie designers.. Take note!

I hope you enjoyed reading this,
Love @Kelseyxx

Saturday, 15 February 2014

About Me

Hi! So as you can tell my names Kelsey and I am from Liverpool but living in Manchester, and I'm 20. My dream in life is to become rich and famous.. but if that doesn't work out I want to work within retail, hopefully as a merchandiser one day! My favorite shops are River Island and ASOS, and I love black. Black is pretty much all I wear (I am trying to inject colour into my wardrobe though!) 

I am slightly obsessed with the Kardashians and Makeup. Although I study fashion, I would say makeup is my hobby. It might sound stupid but I love it, I love how it can make you look like an entirely different person if you want it to. 

In my spare time, apart from eating and watching Netflix, I watch a lot of Youtube. This is also where my awareness of the blogger community came from. I love reading Zoella, Tanya Burr and Lily Pebbles blogs. My favorite Youtuber is Tyler Oakley.

Anyway I would love it if you got in touch by commenting on my blog posts or following me on my various social networking sites, as I currently don't know many bloggers! I will definitely follow back and read all of your blogs!