Tuesday, 7 October 2014

September | Month in Pictures

As I have mentioned a few times on other blog posts, September was quite a busy month for me. I moved back to Uni and into a new house, was ill numerous times and went out quite a bit. I wasn't planning on doing one of these month in pictures posts as I don't use Instagram a lot, and that's what other bloggers use to do this type of post. But after waiting for what feels like forever, I finally got a new phone. The iPhone 6! So all of these photos are from my iPhone which means they are only from half a month (19th September).

Next months 'Month in Pictures' will have a lot more pictures on as they will be an actual full month. Unless you have me on my personal Twitter or Facebook, you won't have seen any of these pictures before. I am going to start using Instagram more now that I have an iPhone again so be sure to follow me on there!

(Left to Right)

Me, Dill and Lucy on our first 'family' night out. 

Back to University and boring lectures. I certainly didn't miss those over Summer!

My friend Mojan came to visit from home for our first house party.

First selfie with my new iPhone 6. I lost my iPhone 5 on the bus almost a year ago. It literally just slipped out of my pocket and have had a cheap Nokia Lumia since then. I was so happy to have an iPhone again!

Lucy's doodle of the uni girls in lecture. It was an extremely boring lecture! I'm the third one along.

I fell of the kerb. Okay, this is a long story but basically the kerb outside my house has quite a big drop and I literally fell off it. In the middle of the day. It was hilarious. It also hurt, a lot. I effed up my ankles for the next few days and could barely go anywhere. They still hurt now.

Worlds largest teddy in Costco. It was so heavy and cost £118. I'm still waiting for someone to buy me it. Please get in touch with me if you would like to buy me it. Thanks.

Our first business project group 'meeting' in Revolution. It consisted of many cocktails, but hey, we have come up with a great idea. Hopefully!

When I went home to collect my iPhone I took quite a few selfies with my little sister Clara. 

I also saw one of my best friends Hannah. We went for the usual, food and drinks!

Lastly a selfie from our first house party in the fridge! I do enjoy a good fridge selfie.. hahah!

I think next month I will set this out differently so I don't write so much for each picture. I am just one of those people who need to explain everything and blabber a lot! Make sure to follow me on Blog Lovin, Instagram and Twitter :-)

Kelsey xxx

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