Monday, 25 August 2014

#TeenBlogSeries Post 1: 10 Facts About Me

So this is the first blog post for the #TeenBlogSeries and it is to do a 10 facts about me. I have already done a random facts about me post so I decided to google about me questions and came up with a post from There is 800 random questions on it so instead of searching through them all, I found a number generator and these were the 10 numbers which came out first.

285) Do you buy any weekly/monthly magazines?
Yes I normally buy Cosmopolitan every month.  It has a good mixture of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle plus loads more! It’s probably aimed at a 18+ audience so probably a little old for most teens. I have also bought Look magazine almost every week since it came out. It always gives me a good idea of what’s in the high street and any new trends.

46) What types of holidays do you prefer?
I have only ever been on family holidays, but I really want to go on a girls partying holiday. Watching all of these 18-30 holiday programmes really do put me off though!.. I would like to go on a travelling more touristy holiday as well.

171) Whats your favourite saying?
Saying Chow/Ciao when saying goodbye to someone. I pick up words and phrases from other people quite easily but that has stuck for a few years now.

56) Whats your favourite song?
Drunk In Love – Beyonce. I am still obsessed with this song and have made everyone I live with hate it from the amount of times I play it. Hehe.

509) Whats the best thing about being your gender?
Being able to wear makeup, having more clothes to choose from and being able to show emotion I guess? I also think boys have to act ‘manly’ and ‘emotionless’ otherwise they are often labelled as gay or geeky (and many other stupid things), whereas girls can be girly or manly and people won’t even bat an eye.

91) Would you ever go on Big Brother?
I would love to go on it for the experience as I watch the show religiously, but I feel like it would be negative towards any future plans. I would also be quite upset if people booed me- I don’t think I could handle it!

83) Do you prefer towel drying, blow drying or natural drying your hair?
I prefer naturally drying my hair as I find blow drying my hair makes it really static and fluffy. I tend to wash my hair in the night so I have time to dry it naturally.

123) Are you scared of flying?
I’ve only ever been on an aeroplane three times but I love it. I especially enjoy turbulence because you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster.

645) What do you consider is the most important piece of furniture in a house?
My bed. Stupid question.

442) Have you ever warn clothing with the labels/tags still attached?
Yeah, I’m sure most people have whether it was by accident or on purpose.

As you can see those questions were totally random, but what fun would it be telling you where I live etc, you can find that on my About Me section! If you want to know even more about me then check out my 25 random facts about me post and my Liebster Award!

Every Monday at 6:30pm (UK time) I will be uploading my #TeenBlogSeries post, so make sure you don’t miss them!
Kelsey xx


  1. OMG I love Beyonce! Hehe, I'm also doing the #TeenBlogSeries if you want to have a look:)
    Emily x

  2. What a great way to find questions! I also always let my hair air dry, I've been doing it for five years now and I don't think I'll ever go back! And hey the last question is so unique, I've never thought about that ;) I posted my ten facts today too!

    Every Day In Grace

  3. Great way to answer the facts about you! I love your blog design :) I'm doing the #TeenBlogSeries too!

    Ellie from LittleEllieMae :)