Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Holiday To France

So I've just come back from my holiday to France where I stayed in a French Villa in Cahors (South West France). The house was pretty big and was in 30 acres of land, which was apparently a nature reserve (I saw a few deers, and baby deers!). There was a big swimming pool and somehow I managed to get the master bedroom which had its own sofas and table in. I have now realised when I look for a home in the future, I need a sofa area in my bedroom!

This villa would of been amazing, if there was actually any sun! I know its only the beginning of July but the entire holiday it just rained and there was so many thunderstorms! I had to go swimming whilst it was raining a number of times.. fun. At least the WiFi was good.. I was only there for a week so I didn't go to many places apart from restaurants and little villages so there isn't any pictures from outside the villa. Anyway I've attached a few photos of the Villa to show how good it would of been if it was sunny!

Thanks for reading,

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kelsey's Everyday Makeup

Today I thought I would share with you my everyday makeup. Before I start I just want to mention that these are products I am using at the moment. If I have particularly bad/dry skin one day I may use different products, but this is just what I’d use on an average day. Also, I am not a makeup artist so yes my makeup isn't perfect.