Friday, 8 August 2014

Vision Board

Images from Pinterest

For so long I have wanted to create a vision board but just never really had the time and items to create one, so I decided to make one on my computer. I am one of those people who have a 100 things to do before I die list, places i want to visit and so on.. So I thought I'd share with you my vision board for the next year.

I really really really want to travel but I have just been so unfortunate with the usual student money problems that I haven't been able to recently. I would love to take a year out to travel around the world, but for now I am  aiming to go to the USA! (Where I will meet my future husband etc.)

Next year I will be graduating and it will be time for me to officially become an adult and get a proper job! Hopefully this will be somewhere within Fashion!! I am excited to start working, just nervous to start the process of finding a job.

Health & Fitness
I want to start being healthy and more fit within the next year. I hardly ever exercise and I definitely don't eat the best so maybe I should start soon!

Have Fun and Party!
My last year of University is coming up, so I am going to make the most of my student life and party and drink as much as I can. After all it is the last year before I'm a proper adult! Boo.

I'm looking forward to the next year but I will be very sad when it's over. I'm excited to see what the future brings!..



  1. Love this idea for a post!! Definitely make the most of your last year of uni, although its the hardest its also sooo good I just graduated! Grad is amazing! Good luck with your goals for the next year

    Y X xx

    1. Thankyou! And I know I'm looking forward to going back to uni but I will be gutted when I leave. xxx