Wednesday, 20 August 2014

V Festival

Last weekend I went to V Festival Weston Park and it was really good! My friend Lucy managed to get VIP tickets two weeks before we went, so we didn't have much time to prepare. I've never been to a festival before but after going I think I am definitely down for the festival life, hahaha!

I apologise for the lack of pictures, I forgot my camera on the Saturday and by the Sunday I looked similar to a tramp... Lucy took a bunch of pictures so once she uploads them I'll add them onto here!
Friday night with our diamante designs
Waiting for Tinie Tempah
The fairground
VIP area and hammocks on the right of the picture
Wellies and our £10 pint of Pimms..!!
This cost me £4.80 and a wasp flew into it.. How annoying!
Ed Sheeran on the Virgin Media Stage

My favourite performance had to be Justin Timberlake! He did an hour and a half performance on the Sunday night which was the perfect way to end the weekend. Right before Justin was Ed Sheeran who was also amazing. Another one of my favourite performances was Tinie Tempah. I'm not a massive Tinie Tempah fan but it was such a good atmosphere and I didn't realise I knew all of the words to his songs haa!

I could write about this weekend forever but I am going to do another blog post soon about what I learnt from my very first festival. Let me know whether you attended V Festival last weekend and what you thought about it?

Kelsey xx

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