Saturday, 12 July 2014

Kelsey's Everyday Makeup

Today I thought I would share with you my everyday makeup. Before I start I just want to mention that these are products I am using at the moment. If I have particularly bad/dry skin one day I may use different products, but this is just what I’d use on an average day. Also, I am not a makeup artist so yes my makeup isn't perfect.
Before I apply my foundation I use Garnier Moisture Match – Dry to Very Dry moisturiser. I have very dry skin so if I don’t moisturise right before I use foundation then my makeup goes a little flaky/patchy. For everyday makeup I don’t tend to use primer as it can be very drying on my skin, although I do recommend Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer if you have dry skin. (It’s a little pricey for my everyday makeup.)

The foundation I use is MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20. I have used this foundation since I was 16 and I’m in love with it. I find it very hard to find a foundation which doesn’t go patchy in my skin whilst giving me a medium/full coverage and stays on all day. I am always getting samples of foundations from various makeup counters and I am yet to find a foundation which compares to this! My only down side to this product is that its slightly to dark for my skin but the next shade down NW15 is too light. MAC bring out an in-between colour please!

At the moment I have been using Collection 2000 Concealer. Normally I use Benefits Bo-ing concealer, but it ran out and I came across this concealer in my makeup bag and I am really impressed by it! It costs about £2 and it covers up my dark circles and blemishes really well. Considering it costs nearly £20 cheaper than Benefits concealer its amazing, I’m not sure I want to spend almost £20 on a concealer again! Im not entirely sure what colour this is, but I’m guessing it’s the lightest one.
MAC Eye Shadow Palettes - 1. Gesso 2. Vapour 3. Carbon 4. Mystery 5. Brown Down 6. Paradisco 
7. Kid 8. Orb

Firstly can I just say everyone needs to invest in a MAC Eye Shadow Palette. There is so many colours to choose from, and it’s so much better to be able to choose your own colours instead of buying a palette were half of the colours you are never going to actually use.

For my eye-makeup I use Orb (8) all over my eyelid, Kid (7) on my eye socket on the inner/middle bit of my eye, Brown Down (5) on the outer corners of my eye socket, Vapour (2) on my brow bone, Gesso (1) on my waterline and centre of eye and then I use Carbon (3) as a bottom lash eyeliner. Normally I put more Orb (8) all over my eyelid than on the picture.

For my eyebrows I use Brown Down (5) with an angled brush. I used to use the MAC eyebrow pencil but I find that I go through them so quickly and they aren’t the cheapest. Powder eye shadow also allows you to make certain parts of the eyebrow lighter and darker whilst only using one colour. I have naturally quite dark eyebrows so I only use the powder to fill in and shape my eyebrows.
I use MAC Brow Set over the powder I have already applied to my eyebrows. Yes, this used to be clear but it’s slowly become more coloured from the powder used on my eyebrows. It doesn’t make them a funny colour or anything, it still comes out pretty much clear. I use brow set to brush my eyebrows into place and to keep them tame.

For my eyeliner on my top eyelid I use Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Liner. It is a liquid liner which I find very easy to apply and it stays on all day. I have used this eyeliner for a long time and have never really felt the need to buy any other eyeliners as I think this does the job fine. Although, I am intrigued with Benefits new They’re Real Eyeliner so watch this space!

The mascara I use is Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I either use this mascara or MAC 3D Lash which I think is basically the same mascara. The brush is plastic which I prefer as I find it separates and lengthens my lashes, and I love the spikey bits at the end of the brush as it reaches the smaller lashes without getting mascara all over your face. Quite a few of my friends don’t like this mascara, but I have really short eyelashes and I find that this mascara is better than any normal brush mascara I’ve ever tried.
To contour my face I use Sleek Bronze Palette in Light. This Bronzer is quite cheap compared to some of my previous bronzers and even comes with a highlighter! The bronzer is very pigmented- use sparingly, and is matte which makes it perfect to contour. I only tend to use the highlighter on nights out as I prefer a matte look.

My cheeks are naturally pinkish (and get pinker throughout the day!) so I don’t tend to use a blusher. If I do, I go for more of a peach colour which adds colour into my cheeks without making me look like I’m permanently blushing.

Although on the picture I don’t have any lip colour on, normally I use Maybeline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. This lip balm really does give you the softest lips ever and the colour ‘Cherry Me’ adds a slight red tint to your lips. It’s perfect for people who want a little bit of colour on their lips without it being to bold.

To finish off my makeup look I use MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Powder. This removes any unwanted shine on your face, as well as making your complexion look more flawless. It also keeps your makeup in place all day.

Thanks for reading this post, I know I ramble on a lot!


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