Sunday, 24 August 2014

Purple and Blue Eyeliner Review

Recently I have seen so many celebrities wearing coloured eyeliner. Like most people, I tend to stick to black, brown and white when it comes to my eyeliner, so I thought it would be a fun idea to play around with coloured liner.

The colours I decided to try were Urban Decay Ransom- a dark purple (£14.00), and Barry M KP19- a light blue (£2.99). Anyone who knows me or has read my previous blog post on my everyday makeup, knows that I always wear white eyeliner on my water line so that's where I decided to put the coloured eyeliner.

I am actually really shocked that I quite like the coloured eyeliner! I thought blue and purple might of made me look like I was tired or had a black eye, but I think on the waterline it's quite subtle whilst still showing a pop of colour. I think I prefer the purple as its darker and less obvious that I'm wearing coloured eyeliner (the blue is a bit brighter in real life), although I would still wear both. The blue is probably better for daytime and the purple for night time. Without fail, I always use black liquid liner on my top eyelid so I thought there would be no point putting the coloured eyeliner on the top eyelid. 

I'm going to start looking into coloured eyeliners more after trying these out, but have no idea what colours I'd choose?! Let me know in the comments what you think of coloured eyeliner and if you have any colour recommendations for me.

Kelsey xxx


  1. I love the purple one! You look beautiful!

  2. You look gorgeous! :) I haven't tried coloured eyeliner myself but my friend did and it's always the perfect touch of playful makeup! She wears mint and purple (separately of course) and it's so pretty! :)

    Every Day In Grace