Monday, 1 September 2014

#TeenBlogSeries Post 2 | Foundation and Brow Routine

This weeks Teen Blog Series is about my foundation and brow routine. As it's the teen blog series I will try to relate everything back to teens so that this post is very teen friendly. If you want to read more about my everyday makeup then check out this post.

The foundation I have been using since I was 16 is MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20. Before that I used to use different Rimmel and Maybelline foundations, always in the wrong shades and not right for my skin. My top tip for foundation would be to make sure that not only get a foundation which matches your skin colour, make sure it is right for your skin type! When I got my first job I went into MAC and they tried out a few foundations for me and Pro Longwear was the one they chose.

I have very dry skin so most foundations patch up in my skin but MAC Pro Longwear doesn't. It gives a medium coverage which is build able for places where you need more coverage. Before I apply my foundation I use Garnier Moisture Match in Dry to Very Dry which prepares my skin for foundation. I very rarely use primer as it drys out my skin even more, plus I find this foundation stays on pretty much all day anyway. I use Real Techniques Beauty Blender to apply my foundation, I prefer it to brushes as I find it gives a smoother application.

The concealer I have been using at the moment is Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I'm waiting to get my student loan so for now this is cheap and does the job! I use a Real Techniques brush (I'm not sure what it's called) to blend in my concealer. 

I'm from Liverpool so for us, eyebrows are a big deal, (Scousebrows). Although I have had some dodgey eyebrows in the past, I feel like I'm at a good place with my eyebrows. I think my eyebrows will always be an ongoing battle, if you pluck them too much then they wont be the right shape and if you dont pluck them then you will have a monobrow. I've only ever had them waxed once but it gave me little spots above my eyebrows which made me look like I had acne or something, so I decided not to do it again. From then on I have just tried to keep on top of them by plucking them. If you are wanting to shape your eyebrows then I recommend growing them out and then getting them waxed, (and keep on top of them with tweezers if you don't want to get them waxed again.)

To fill in/shape my eyebrows I use MAC eyeshadow in Brown Down and a Real Techniques angled brush. Firstly I draw a line with the brush at the bottom of the eyebrow which cleans up any hairs which are out of place and makes it look more smooth. Then I fill in the outer corner of the eyebrow until I get to the front, getting lighter as I go so they don't look too drawn on.

If you have any questions about my eyebrows or foundation then let me know in the comments! I am also planning on doing a more in detail eyebrow tutorial so let me know whether that's something you would like to see.

Kelsey xxx

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