Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Things I've Learnt From Blogging So Far

This Summer I decided it was time to make a blog. I've started so many over the past few years which I haven't taken seriously enough, so have never had more than a few blog posts on. After finding I had far too much spare time on my hands over the Summer, I created Peach Blossom. I have been blogging properly for just over a month now and I have learnt so much about the 'blogging world' which I didn't know before.

Planning and Scheduling 
When I first created my blog, I thought you could just post whenever you want and it would be fine. Although you can do that, you have to remember that you need to think of an idea, take photos and write the post which can make it easy to forget to even post anything. I have planned blog posts all the way to Novemeber so that I always have something to write about. Obviously there is new and current things to write about, but when I have 'writers block' there will always be something for me to post. I think if I didn't plan and schedule my posts then slowly I would neglect my blog more and more as I would forget about it.

Social Networking

For me, I think social networking is crucial for blogs so that you gain new readers and followers. At the moment, only a few friends and family know about this blog as I don't feel 100% happy with it that I'd want all of my friends on Facebook to know about it. I created a new Twitter account especially for Peach Blossom and that's definitely what increases my blogs traffic. As well as Twitter,  I find that commenting on other bloggers posts drives traffic to your blog as not only do they see it, but their readers do. I think its very important to connect with other bloggers.

The one thing I think I struggle most with when it comes to blogging is the photos. I just have a normal compact camera to take my photos, and you can definitely tell the difference between photos taken on that and photos taken on a DSLR camera. I would consider investing in a better camera but I just need to make sure I would use it enough to pay that much money!

I find myself editing most of the photos I take to make it brighter or remove any 'blemishes'. I never realised you would have to edit pictures of nail varnish!! I also don't have a white desk or pretty backdrops which the top bloggers have.

Finding your Niche 

So far I just say that my blog is Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle as I just like to write about what I'm interested in/doing at that particular time. But I know that as I go along, I will start to find things I prefer blogging about. So far my fashion posts have been more about celebrity's as I think I would find the whole photoshoot in my garden situation so awkward! Considering I study Fashion at University I thought I would be writing a lot more fashion posts than beauty!

Already I am looking at my previous blog posts and thinking that isn't very good, that could of been better, but I know that in time I will find my niche and they will be amazing! (Maybe not quite amazing but I'd like to think so..)

Balancing University and Blogging

In August I found myself blogging quite a bit and spending loads of time commenting on other peoples blogs, promoting my new posts. But I've just moved into my new Uni house (I haven't started lectures yet), and I am struggling to find time to write new posts! I really want to make sure that I keep up with this blog, so I know that when I have a day off I'm going to have to write a few blog posts and schedule them for a later date. I have put so much time and effort into this blog so far that it would be stupid not to continue with it! What do I have to lose?!

Sorry for the massive essay, I sometimes just blabber on and don't even realise what I am writing about. That is probably another point I should make, make sure you read through your post before uploading it! Sometimes I just like to write massive essays and press post without even reading through it. There's nothing worse than realising you have a bunch of grammar mistakes a few weeks after you've posted something..!

Kelsey xxx

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