Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Chanel SS 15 | Feminism

Every season, Chanel find a way to make their collection unique and somewhat controversial compared to other catwalk shows, and SS 15 definitely did not disappoint.

Karl Lagerfeld created an entire Parisian District backdrop, including puddles and zebra crossings, and held a feminist march. Models held up various signs whilst some of them shouted through Chanel quilted megaphones.

Feminism has been a very hot topic recently. Many big female figures including Beyonce and Emma Watson, have spoken publicly about their views on feminism. Even though I don't think I've ever experienced any female discrimination personally, I would definitely consider myself to be somewhat of a feminist. In the UK, females are seen as equals to males, but I know in some countries they definitely aren't. Chanels feminism march down the catwalk was a bold move but it has been well perceived. Fashion expresses your personality and mood, so why not let it express your views.

There was in total 86 looks, almost double the amount of looks created by any other designer this season. The collection is very varied in terms of prints and styles, and there doesn't seem to be an obvious theme throughout the entire collection. There is some looks which I love, whilst some looks I don't like so much. With 86 different looks, its very hard to please everyone. One thing is for sure though, Chanel definitely sent out a message!

Kelsey xxx

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