Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn | My Favourite Season

Autumn is officially here and I am so happy! For me autumn is by far the best season. As a child I feel like I overlooked autumn as it was the awkward season in-between my summer holiday and Christmas. Now it’s the great season in between being sweaty and being freezing. I am one of those people who is always hot, so when its summer it means being pretty sweaty. I am also not a massive fan of summer clothes. I don’t mind winter weather so much, but I do prefer the weather above 0 degrees.

On October 1st I decided it was time to wear my first jumper of the year, even though autumn apparently officially started on September 22nd. The weathers getting colder and the leaves are starting to turn brown and fall from the trees. Don’t ask why, but I just love it! It feels so cosy. Everything from the oversized jackets and scarfs, to turning yourself into a taco in bed excites me a lot. I’d like to imagine that I go on long walks in the park wearing my new boots, drinking a winter themed coffee, but let’s be honest I don’t. I think as we get older, Autumn is probably appealing to most of us. I really want to buy some seasonal scented candles and read one of the many books I haven’t got around to yet. If you haven’t guessed already, I love my bed, so the idea of being snuggly and not have to stick my leg out of the bed is very appealing. Although University lectures have started again, the workload isn’t too heavy as I don’t have exams till next Spring/Summer. This means I have lots of time to dream about things I will do/ actually do them. I told my housemate today that I plan on being super seasonal this year. Seasonal as in how Americans say it, Halloween, Bon Fire Night, Christmas etc. I was told I am not allowed to celebrate Thanksgiving though. Sob. Look forward to blog posts on my Halloween decorated room... Maybe. I thought I’d compile a little list of the things I’m most excited about.

Dark Nights Earlier
Jumpers and Knitwear
Winter Themed Candles
Colder Weather
Halloween Sweets (Scream Egg)
Winter Clothes
Ankle Boots
Autumn/Winter Makeup
Not being so hot 
Being Snuggly in Bed
Bon Fire Night
Slippers and Dressing Gowns
Seasonal Candles
More acceptable to wear tights
The run up to Christmas!

Some of them are a little more serious than others but I got a little carried away. I could probably go on forever with the things that I am excited about, but don’t want to bore everyone too much! September was quite a busy time for a number of different reasons. I will be spending a lot more time perfecting my own blog and reading other blogs. I didn’t completely forget about my blog, I just had bloggers block and was super busy. I have scheduled so many posts which will be coming at least every 3 days if not sooner. Make sure you follow me on Blog Lovin and Twitter!

Kelsey xxx

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