Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Pen Review

I've seen a few mixed reviews on Benefit They're Real push up liner, so I thought I would review the drugstore dupe, which is Maybellines Lasting Drama Gel Liner Pen. I bought this from Superdrug for £8.99.
Please note this isn't a comparison as I haven't tried Benefits They're Real push up liner yet.

When I first saw Benefits They're Real push up liner, I was very intrigued as it was supposed to make drawing on eyeliner a lot easier. I don't think many people can truly say they have mastered liquid/gel liner, getting both eyes to match every time, so this product seemed perfect. After reading all of the mixed reviews and seeing the price, I wasn't rushing out to buy Benefit's new product. I then came across Maybellines version which It was £10 cheaper and looks the exact same.

I find gel liners a bit annoying because normally you have a little pot and a separate brush to apply it with. I find the brushes go hard very quickly which means a lot of upkeep. With this gel liner pen, you click the bottom bit around and it pumps out the perfect amount of gel. Not too much, not too little. I normally find it quite hard to do a thin line along my lash line, but as the applicator is so thin it is easy to get it very close to the lashes. Lastly, this eyeliner literally stays on all day! I have even had naps throughout the day and when I've woken up, my makeup still looks perfect. (I sleep on my front too!)

This pen is supposed to make it easier to draw on eyeliner, but I find that it actually takes me longer to apply it. The gel seems to run out as you go along the lash line and you have to keep clicking it which can make the eyeliner not look like one long smooth line. (As you can see from the picture below.) It has also taken me a while to get used to this pen and even now I am not totally confident with it. Even though this liner does stay on all day, if you mess up whilst applying the eyeliner its a massive pain having to get eye makeup remover and starting all over again. (Practice before using) If I make the liner too thick then sometimes it imprints onto the top of my eyelid throughout the day which can be very annoying. If you have a 'hooded eyelid' then this will very likely be a big problem. 

Overall Review
I don't regret buying this eyeliner as I think on a day when i need an eyeliner to stay on all day, this would be the perfect choice. I find the applicator a little tricky to use so I don't think I will be buying Benefit's version. I am probably going to stick to my normal eyeliner for now and use this when I have a lot of time to do my makeup.


The wing on my right eye is awful, I know!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. I would love to hear your thoughts of this product and whether you agree with me?

Kelsey xxx


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  1. Great review! I always wanted to try a gel eyeliner but didn't want the fuss of the pot and brush, maybe I will look into the Maybelline one! Beautiful pictures by the way xx