Thursday, 28 August 2014

MTV VMA Awards 2014 Red Carpet

The MTV VMA Awards were held last Sunday in LA. Although I was interested in who won the awards, I was more interested in what everyone wore on the red carpet. For me, I think the VMA Awards is an award show were you can take risks and don't have to be as formal as other award shows. Some of the most memorable/worst red carpet outfits ever are from the VMAs! Below I have chosen some of my favourite trends, and who I believe was the worst dressed.

Trend 1  | Leather 

I love all of these leather looks! I think my favourite has to be Lucy Hales outfit, she has managed to make leather look pretty and cute. It looks amazing on her! 

I wasn't sure on Miley Cyrus' outfit at first but it has definitely grown on me. When I think of some of her previous recent red carpet looks, she actually looks somewhat classy, ha! Miley has an amazing body so she can pull off the little bandeau and baggy/tight leather pants. 

Ariana Grande has kept to her recent trend of mini dress and over the knee boots, but this time in leather. I actually quite like this look! I dont think anyone else could pull  this off other than Ariana, I think she looks like superwoman that picture!

My least favourite look of the four is Adam Levine and his wife Behati. Behati looks stunning in everything she wears but I'm not a fan of the ruffles on the bottom half of the dress. They still look pretty cool though.

Trend 2 | Embellishments

Soooo many celebrity's this year wore embellished dresses! Embellishment is definitely the perfect way to add design to a dress without adding any print. I love Iggy Azalea's dress, although I think its maybe a bit too much for the VMAs. I think this would of been perfect for the Grammy awards.

Jennifer Lopez is wearing a very 'JLo' red carpet look, revealing whilst somewhat still classy. I can't believe she is in her 40's and can still pull this off! Like Ariana Grande, only Jennifer Lopez could pull off this dress!

Trend 3 | All Black 

If you know me, you'll know that I pretty much only wear black when I go out! Although I don't think it would be my first choice if I went to a red carpet, these 5 ladies have definitely pulled it off!

I am in love with Beyonce's dress. But when doesn't Beyonce look good? She is wearing an all black embellished dress and although it's probably more Grammys than VMA, who cares, its Beyonce.

Kylie Jenner has been so on point with her fashion recently and she looks amazing here also! Her long satin dress shows off just the right amount of leg and cleavage and is the right length. I can't wait to see her next red carpet looks over the next few years! 

Solange, Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn all opted for simple black separates. I think Jourdan looked a little too simple as she wore a very plain black bandeau and maxi skirt, and didn't accesorise much either. Kendall and Solange' all black look is very classy whilst still appropriate for the VMAs.. (Minus Solange's hair!!)

Who Wore It Best

Kim Kardashian and Joan Smalls both wore Balmain mini dresses to the VMAs. Both of these dresses are perfect for the VMAs as they are somewhat risky and fun. I might be a little bit biased as I am obsessed with her, but I prefer Kim's look. The deep V breaks up the loud pattern, and Kims boobs look amazing, lets be honest. The top part of Joans dress looks a little like a lamp shade or something.. I'm not sure.. But she still looks pretty good!

Demi Lovato and Rita Ora both wore red deep V wrap dresses, with a high split. Again I'm going to be biased but I prefer Demi Lovato's look. Although, neither dress is particularly flattering on their boobs. Demi's boobs look too far apart and Rita just looks like she needs a bra ASAP. I think Demi's look overall is more classy, Rita's thigh split is far to high, especially when you have such a low neckline. I feel like if there was a slight tug on Rita's dress, the entire thing would fall apart.

Worst Dressed

These are the looks which I think are the worst. Firstly, although Jessie Js look isn't that bad, I just think its the wrong colour for her skin, and its just a bit of badly fitting dress. It looks as though she is wearing a bed sheet or something. I've seen similar dresses like this thousands of times, but this just really isnt flattering.

Taylor Swift quite simply makes me LOL these days. She is trying to be edgy but I really don't think she can pull it off! Her performance made me cringe.. As Chelsea Handler said, she is just too 'white' too be dancing like that. She also looks like the guy from Blades of Glory, Google it!

Charlie XCX looks like she has just escaped from the zoo. Maybe if she had her hair up or tamed it a little, it wouldn't have looked so bad.

Lastly.. Amber Rose. I don't think I even need to explain this!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review on all these outfits! Let me know what you thought about these outfits in the comments!

Kelsey xxx

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